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Arriving fashionably two hours late to a gig, I was out fashioned by promoter Steve Rastin who fashionably started the show three hours later than the advertised time. This meant it was going to be a late one and there’d be a few lubricated heads at this charity event.
In an age where the bands quite often outnumber the audience it was great to see the ratio turn the other way tonight with little elbow room and plenty of ‘Oi, you’ve spilt my pint!’ kind of looks in a town that is generally like a scene out of Pulp Fiction.

Surrounded By Silence, Victims of The System @ The North, Rhyl

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When I saw VOTS on the poster it drew up two emotions!
1. Wow! Punk legends of yesteryear have bit the bullet and reformed, I’m gonna get to see a band I was too young to see first time around.
2. What a bunch of sad wankers, they’ve wrecked their legendary status by reforming.
As it turns out despite the SAME ABBREVIATED LOGO AND NAME Victims of The System (pic above) are most definitely not those grunting punks of 33 years ago.
Nor are they a band from the Lebanon or from New Jersey (as my research found two others with the same name).