Super Furry Animals, Bill Ryder-Jones @ Venue Cymru, Llandudno

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Super Furry Animals are touring their ‘Fuzzy Logic’ album and the follow-up ‘Radiator’, in order, back to back will undoubtedly take it’s toll on any band… That going-through-the-motions feeling, that feeling of three-down, ten to go…
But for the audience; particularly a type of audience brought up on early Furries, this will be a treat to behold. Mid-nineties music played with 2016 technology and a 2016 light show.

BLOG RHYS MWYN: Pop Needs To Get Political Again (Cian in The Guardian)

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Fe soniais yn fy ngholofn bythefnos yn ol (10 Mehefin) wrth adolygu Gwyl Merthyr Rising 2015, fod grwp newydd Cian Ciaran o’r Super Furrys, a’i gariad Estelle Ios, sef y Zefur Wolves, wedi adfer fy ffydd mewn cerddoriaeth. Cymaint felly bu i mi fynd i weld y grwp yn canu am yr eilwaith mewn llai nac wythnos.

Super Furry Animals, Magic Numbers @ Albert Hall, Manchester

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19 years ago was the last, and first time I saw Super Furry Animals – I was lying on a grassy knoll as the sun was setting across Stafford Park at V Festival (when it was good). Mercury Rev were sending their Goddess on some faraway highway and everything was a-ok.
I must have dozed off (passed out) – I opened my eyes to find my sprawled torso surrounded by thousands of people as Northern Lites was being played on stage. How I was unconscious for half a Super Furry set I don’t know – but I was dazed and confused for so long, it was true.
Tonight was the chance to not only capture their set in full, but also an extended version; a ‘we’ve been away far too long’ extended version.

Cian Ciarán talks Zefur Wolves and Super Furry Animals

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The Super Furry Animals stable is a prolific one… Since their self imposed hiatus in 2009 the individual members have been extremely busy of late with their various solo projects. I say ‘of late’ as in particular the last couple of years the output has increased dramatically. Gruff Rhys’ well documented forays across the planet in various forms have since been joined by Gulp and Pale Blue Dots amongst others…

Super Furry Animals – rumours…

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A mysterious 15 second video appeared on YouTube today, posted by the Super Furry Animals.

Offering nothing than a loop of If You Go Down To The Woods Today – it has set the rumour mill turning…
Are we likely to see a reunion of the band after their 5 year hiatus?
Are they simply piquing interest in the light of the new ‘Rise of The Super Furry Animals’ book by Ric Rawlins?
The guessing game is under way… Woods? Maybe a Festival No.6 appearance?