Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 27 – with Super Fast Girlie Show

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Liverpool’s Super Fast Girlie Show handbrake turn into Llandudno to appear live in session on TudnoFM, courtesy of Neil Crud’s Monday night show.
After their successful acoustic appearance at Rebellion Festival this year (as well as a full blown live set), they ventured out for the second time to give us this excellent hillbilly take on their normally explosive songs.

Apologies for the sound quality on the recordings, despite being aired crystal clear, something like a grounding loop has created a buzz… I can blame this on the band as they always break something wherever they go…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 27
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New Album – SUPER FAST GIRLIE SHOW – Don’t Go Down Gentle

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As soon as you hit Play you know Super Fast Girlie Show mean business, this ain’t no fucking 1980’s shit. They might look like car mechanics working out of a rusty tin shed but they don’t fuck about when it comes to smashing your teeth in with big bass guitars.

Bearded Theory Festival @ Catton Hall, Derbyshire

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Eight years in and this was my first Bearded Theory festival, and what a great little event it is… So good, I’m at pains to tell you about it… Wanna keep it as our little secret… Not too big like some overblown corporate driven shite. Still humble enough to cater for you and not their pockets.

Album Review – SUPER FAST GIRLIE SHOW – All Hooves and Cucumber

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‘We are the Super Fast Girlie Show and we don’t wash, and once you’ve heard us you’ll never wash again.’
I love filthy rock ‘n’ roll, garage rock ‘n’ roll, and Super Fast Girlie Show set their stall out right from the word Lube and boy do you need lubrication, as you’re in for a rough ride. Expect to get your ankles chained together and hooked onto the tow-bar of a clapped out flatback truck and get dragged across the roughest terrain for the full 18 minutes of this 10 track 7″ vinyl album!