Subhumans, Seven Crowns, Luvdump, Dead Subverts, Two Sick Monkeys @ The Blade Factory, Liverpool

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The legends of UK punk have been consistently delivering the goods since the 80’s, the more recent times I’d seen them they’d been great, so with a fantastic selection of supports too this trip up to the ‘pool was far too good to miss.  We were a bit concerned we would be missing some while stuck in traffic on the A55 while the road was being washed (got to keep the welcome mat clean for all the visitors) but when we arrived the first band were literally just starting so all worked out perfectly.

FESTIVAL REVIEW – Rebellion, Winter Gardens, Blackpool (Friday)

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(review n pix by neil crud – follow me on twitter) (additional Damned pics by mic hewitt)

Day Two in the Rebellion House and Neil’s liver is already complaining… I needed to find a hairy dog (‘Plenty in Blackpool’ shouted the heckler at the back!). Tim felt the same and we needed to be indecently assaulted.

New compilation from Righteous Anger Records

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Colwyn Bay based Righteous Anger Records release this free download compilation album on the anniversary of the 7/7 London Bombings.
You can download it by clicking the pic

Subhumans, Meinhof, Refuse All, War Coma, The Rebel Conspiracy @ The Star And Garter, Manchester

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(review by dave cox and MWJ)

By now the bag of fruit had been dumped at a service station somewhere north of Birmingham, an my sense of humour had deteriorated into spitting greenies in my hand an slapping jam in the face (he’d just shown me the pic of him teabagging me). Arrived back home about 4:45pm, had about enough time to eat an apple (of the cox variety, ofcourse), before being picked up by MWJ for Subhumans tonight. I mumbled various feeble attempts to explain why I was feeling so ‘unstable’ but not sure if any of it made sense. Had a fair bit of sleep on the way there this time. Met up with ‘sticky vicky’ on arrival at the venue, was also good to see a load of other friends an familiar faces from the other night an past gigs in the north west.

Subhumans, Global Parasite @ Star & Garter, Manchester

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Subhumans, Bullet Kings, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, Global Parasite –  Review by OMD and Dean  taken from: FUNGALPUNK GIG REVIEWS

A visit to the Star and Garter is usually most welcome but tonight’s was more out of necessity than of desire. Tired, busy and on a total downer regarding news of my 3 day SAS fest being under threat by two competitive gigs in Manchester – aaaggghhh! So to say I was in a joyful mood would be in fact a fuckin’ lie. Add to that I was currently dabbling with a 4 figure overdraft and my missus was feeling a bit low with a cold – a recipe for a shite night don’t you think.