New Compilation LP from Ankst

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Shadowcops, Stilletoes, Like I Care? @ Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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(review by steve rastin)

The good ol’ Dudley Arms has been suffering of late and it’s all the fault of promoter Red Mamba. He’s been persisting with a policy from the g(l)ory days of Bar Blu of mixing and matching musical styles and it just isn’t working anymore, at least in terms of punters willing to pay their admission.

Stilletoes release debut album

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(order from Ankst – click pic)

The Stilletoes, I Am Austin, Son Capson, Irma Vep, Endaf Presli @ Rascals, Bangor

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STILLETOESSo I came to this one on the strength of recent reviews of The Stilletoes and it turned out to be quite an eclectic evening with themselves not necessarily the pick of the bunch, even though the celebration of their album release on Ankst brought this all together.

STILLETOES, ZEBEDY @ The Grapevine, Rhyl

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(review n live pix by neil crud)

Rhyl may have recently experienced a mass desertion on the punter front, but it didn’t show tonight, with The Stilletoes stamping back into town, they manage to send a seductive punk pulse around these sullen streets by thrashing their instruments to death. Here is a young band that are going to be there and do that before any others in the area are going to have been there and done it. They mean business in this mean business, but by fuck are they gonna have fun on the way.