FESTIVAL REVIEW – Bearded Theory 2019 @ Catton Park, Derbyshire

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[Blinders pic by Live Music Pix]

This is our fifth annual family pilgrimage to Derbyshire… Family being kith and kin (all 8000 of us). It was emotional for all the right reasons. I don’t even look at the line-up before taking the plunge as it’s the vibe with like-minded people you go for.

My only gripe and dampener with the whole weekend was that my band were not invited to play – a heinous oversight by the organisers…

On the Festival Scale, Bearded Theory is right up there… Catering for families and crusty punks and more importantly no (or very few) dickheads. There’s a relaxed community feel and everyone is friendly.

Rebellion Festival 2012, Blackpool – Sunday

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(review n pix neil crud)

(review n pix by neil crud – additional pix duesy duesbury)

Stiff Little Fingers play The Tiv

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Stiff Little Fingers, Goldblade @ Manchester Academy

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(review n pix by phil newall)

It’s March; so it must be time for the annual Stiff Little Fingers spring tour, taking in arguably their biggest gig of the year, the now traditional St Patrick’s Night at Glasgow Barrowlands. The tour could be split into sections decided by the support band; for the first half support was provided by Blood or Whiskey, for the second half Gold Blade took up the challenge. Those of you familiar with my review of Gold Blade a few weeks ago at The Dirty Water Club, London will be aware that I thought this was a brave move by Fingers, based on the sheer energy Gold Blade offer from the stage, and in my opinion having been blown off stage by them in the past. Only concern being that the Blade had only just finished a two week tour of the USA getting back into the UK three days before hitting the road with Fingers.

Stiff Little Fingers, Goldblade, 1000 Fake Heroes @ Carling Academy, Liverpool

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(reviewed by Phil Newall)

A Monday night, seems like an odd choice, but also a fine way to kick off the Easter half term break… So here I was again, the annual March tour by Stiff Little Fingers, and once again I was accompanied by my young son and best mate. Only thing with looking like some sort of Pied Piper and the obvious parental responsibilities is the lack of a decent drink, so all the bands were having to play to at least one clear headed, critical punter.