NEW SHOW – Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show #162 with Stephanie Finegan in session

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After Stephanie Finegan‘s session tonight, I used the words compelling and mesmerizing to describe, not only this session, but her overall onstage persona. Since forming the avant-garde no wave duo Glove with Hen Sloman, Steph’s solo work has taken a backseat. So it was an honour to invite her onto the show for her second live session (third if you count the Glove one last year).

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 52 – with Stephanie Finegan (repeat session)

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Show #52 sees a repeat session from Stephanie Finegan. Originally broadcast last July, Stephanie’s larger than the left side of life character and songs filled the airwaves with great vibes.  Listen again below, along with two hours of simply stunning underground music…. 

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 52
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InSession – Stephanie Finegan

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Cardiff based, Liverpool born, Warrington raised, Machynlleth worked and Wrexham raved, Stephanie Finegan brings her unique talent to Neil Crud’s TudnoFM show for this excellent session.
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New Video – Stephanie Finegan – Acapela Studio Full Session

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The one thing you expected when you see or hear Stephanie Finegan is to expected the unexpected… That remarkable voice behind that remarkable band Arms Like Legs will indicate right and turn left, she’ll offer you tea and make you coffee…
Here, she displays her range of talent; she plays with words and with your mind, she is the clever court jester, but is also the Queen of Hearts… This Acapela Studio Session is just that… You see someone with an acoustic guitar and immediately you expect to be presented with a few sweet songs of mirth and maybe merriment… Wrong… Steph is going to dance on my heart, laugh swoop and dart, la-di-di-da… You’ll be left confused.. Which is the whole point… Excellent… Enjoy…