ARCHIVE REVIEW – Sick Dastardlys, Johnny Horizontal, Stash Pocket @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

(review by neil crud and mwj – pix by crud)

October – November are always subdued times of the year in Scummy Rhyl. Chip paper wrappings blow down the road, discarded by the latest inner city immigrant who’d rather sign-on by the seaside than in the smog. We endured such a specimen while watching the football in the pub, he was ranting immature bullshit in a thick Brummy accent at the TV screen. It turned out he couldn’t read as it flashed up ‘CORNERS WON – BIRMINGHAM 0 LIVERPOOL 3.’ He started screaming that the Scousers hadn’t scored three goals. So seeing that he can’t read I can say what I want… SO FUCK OFF BACK UNDER THE STONE YOU CRAWLED FROM YOU PIECE OF SHIT.More