Bright Young People, Spitting Pips @ The Front Room, Rhyl

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New Years Eve

The Venue
It was like a nostalgic trip back to the halcyon days of Bar Blu, a place I haunted almost every Wednesday night, with my preferred tipple in hand as many a band played their little socks off. You can read plenty of those reviews from over ten years ago on this very website (look for the Gig Reviews tab up there). We saw some fantastic bands through those years (and some shit ones) and had some fantastic nights too (and some shit ones).
Bar Blu was symbolic, the sound was usually rubbish, there was no stage (just a floor area), but it didn’t matter. So long as we kept to our ‘no more than four pints on a school night’ rule (often broken), we could usually muster up a descriptive review for the masses to read.

New Video – SPITTING PIPS – The Press Barks

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New cool track and new cool video from Colwyn Bay’s Spitting Pips.