Spear of Destiny @ The Tivoli, Buckley

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Sometimes it’s those impromptu gigs that serve my insatiable pallet for live music that are the best. From being in my sister’s house in Rhyl at 8.50pm, to walking into The Tiv in Buckley at 9.20 just as Spear of Destiny alighted the stage.

Spear of Destiny, Carbonari @ Breeding ground, Rhyl

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(by Neil Crud)

Although they had a Top 20 hit & another 9 singles in the Top 75, Spear of Destiny never had mass appeal, had it been a case of many people liking the odd song rather than a few people liking all their songs then tonight’s attendance would’ve been higher than the 120 or so who made this mid-week effort. It was a wholly different audience to the normal Breeding Ground attendees who were being pulled through the birth canal by a pair of forceps when Kirk Brandon first alighted a stage with The Pack & then Theatre of Hate.