GIG REVIEW – Marine-core! #1 @ The Marine, Old Colwyn

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Dogsflesh / Rabo De Toro / Fatalist / Spam Javelin / Entity

I’ve had a few requests from random Americans to join the Marine-core! Facebook group, I don’t think they are intending to visit North Wales, and this was not set up to fetish-ise some elite murder squad.  Marine-core! is rather a celebration of the fact we can sustain alternative music in the area, as we have been for a few years before settling into our accommodating venue of choice.  Sheer sparsity of numbers and disturbance of the gentrified peace is always against us, but we’ve proven that friends are still willing to gather for live original music whether they are particularly into the styles or not. 

GIG REVIEW – Dogsflesh, Spam Javelin, Krank @ The Skerries, Bangor

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Motorhead aside, that was one of the loudest gigs I’ve been to, yet still within the decibel guidelines. How did they do it? Sheer power, that’s how…
Dogsflesh came, we saw, and they conquered, with a display of tsunamic proportions…

GIG REVIEW – Free Rock n Roll Festival (Saturday) @ Sound, Liverpool

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photos by kev smith, steve dunkley, phil newall

In a hundred years time there’ll be a statue of Pete Bentham in Concert Square holding Queen Victoria’s knob… It’ll be there to celebrate the achievements this man made to the alternative Liverpool scene… The Free Rock n Roll Scene… Rewind one hundred years to the present day and we are right in the midst of those celebrations, and long may they continue…
The Free Rock n Roll Festival is a two-day event put together by Pete of his favourite bands who have played his Free Rock n Roll nights here in Liverpool….

GIG REVIEW – Gets Worse, Habits, Spam Javelin, Maines, Benefit State @ The Marine, Old Colwyn

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This is another one of those quarterly amazing punk rock bashes we have in the centre of the North Wales coast… Always for charity and always well attended… Tonight’s benefactors are Llandudno’s Tudno FM Radio Station…
[pics mainly by rich phillips]

Spam Javelin detained by US Customs and deported on eve of US tour

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North Walian hardcore band Spam Javelin detained by US Customs and deported on eve of US tour:

Spam Javelin, who have recently released their debut album ‘The Crack Whores oF Betws Garmon’ were detained yesterday; 15th August by armed US Immigration Officers as they attempted to enter the country at Minneapolis Saint-Paul International airport.
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