SINGLE REVIEW: Sour Speech – Blind To My Angle

[review by steve rastin]
Sometimes a change of name can make a world of difference.

I first came across the name The Remedies UK a while back, but I rather lazily dismissed the name as a bit of an identikit punk name and assumed that they’d be another identikit punk band – nothing wrong in that, but not something I was particularly interested in chasing after.

At the start of the year the band changed their name to Sour Speech, unveiled an extremely eye-catching new logo and my interest was immediately piqued as a result of those two small acts.

I invited them onto a bill I’d put together for the Late Lounge in Rhyl and, having first got over the shock that the bass player was Russell Pearson, a guy whose past bands I’ve booked regularly, I was then bowled over for a second time by their high energy live set that has resulted in an invitation back onto one of the Bar Blu reunion gigs.

They’ve steadily built up a loyal following around their Chester/ north-east Wales homebase and are now looking to add to their expanding fan base with the release of a new single, “Blind to My Angle”.More