REVIEW – Social Experiment – Rumours Of Our Demise Are Not Greatly Exaggerated

Formed in a pub in Abertillery a few years ago, I’ve only become aware of this exceptional band in the past couple of months. Social Experiment bring with them a wealth of ‘band’ experience, with members having played in countless punk/hardcore acts in South Wales.
This beast of a 12″ EP / LP is an absolute must for your vinyl collection, and if you don’t have one, this is the perfect way to start one.
I say EP / LP as it’s on 12″ and plays at 33rpm, but is pretty short, clocking in at around 20mins…
But, wow, what a wonderful twenty minutes they are… It is raging hardcore, with a very early-80s American HC feel to it (my favourite style).

‘Rumours Of Our Demise Are Not Greatly Exaggerated’ has been out since October 2018 – but, to me it’s brand new…

I can’t stop playing this heavy piece of vinyl… From the intensity of the opening Unlock The Cage, Social Experiment don’t beat around the bush… It’s hard, intense, fast, furious and fantastic.
The title track screams, ‘There’s a problem with humanity, lack of judgement, lack of sanity, why do we regard wealth, more than we regard life?’ and sets the bar for the album, like Clones covering the modern world of everyone’s heads in their phones.

Production Line Soldier has shades of Rage Against The Machine and Side 2 shows no sign of easing up as Box Of Lies covers the propaganda and bullshit on TV. Great guitar work on It Makes No Sense To Me as the anger continues on Bloody Traditions with the line, ‘Pompous snobs dressed up to kill, murdering foxes for the thrill, to these evil minds, it’s all a game, no remorse, morals or fucking shame.’

This masterpiece concludes with the sad story of Tilikum, who I have now learnt was the largest Killer Whale kept in captivity, who had a miserable existence… Thought provoking and anger inducing stuff…

Highly recommended – 10/10 – CDs sold out – Buy the 12″ for £7 (+P&P) from Social Experiment bandcamp page.