Sympathetic Affliction, Snowblind @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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Three and a half years ago I saw a very young band play at MASE in Llandudno, they impressed me despite their love of Radiohead, which was the sound of the time. Time moves on and so do trends and last year while Thom Yorke searched high up his own arse for a new genre, a new sound, a new approach, Matt Bellamy snuck up behind him, gave out a swift kick and stole the mantle with the sheer awesome power that is Muse.

Fudged, Sansara, Snowblind, Beth @ MASE, Llandudno

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Tonight it was Andy Fatman’s turn as I one by one introduce the Crud Crew to the admirable world of MASE, the organisation behind keeping 500 teenagers off the streets of Llandudno once a month. My first feeling was of being gutted having learnt that we had missed Plutonic & particularly Flea Cirkus who I really enjoyed at the Breeding Ground a few months ago. My second feeling was of total shock of being the only living person to have ever witnessed Fatman order a coke & lemonade at the bar, admittedly this was an alcohol free joint, which means the kids down bottles of Thunderbird wine before getting here. I also had the added bonus of being frisked by a female bouncer on the way in (she had strong hands).