Yorkshire Riffer 2@ Eiger Studios, Leeds

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The first Riffer had been in the giddy days of spring and was an integral part of the lead up to the ‘Kin Hell Fest weekend, so although the former had been a great party the ultimate failure of the latter in the numbers game had left the place and the scene somewhat saddened.  How great then that the return of this all-dayer format should have swept away all that past away in a tsunami of shit-mix drinks, an awesome selection of underground bands, and eye-watering stupidity/hilarity.

Khuda, Tree of Sores, Sloth Hammer play Royal Park Cellars, Leeds

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(review by mwj)

Invited to Leeds for the weekend with the carrot of quality local bands and the stick of a bottle of Jager to beat me with, my resistance was futile. The festival was in (or out of) town for the weekend but this didn’t seem to have affected either tonight’s or tomorrows gigs, both being of a more obscure and underground nature than the big commercial ‘ho down.