Rock Night at Hendre Hall, Tal-y-Bont

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There was this new lad who turned up at a place I used to work. He’d got a job on the shop floor like the rest of us, which was unusual cos most new employees started off in the warehouse and would be promoted to the shop floor after he’d served his time and if he was any good. None of us liked him; he was cock sure of himself and we didn’t like the fact that he was earning the same money as us when he was still wet behind the ears.

‘How come he can walk into this job, when we had to slog it in the back there to get here today?’ We’d cry.
The same lad went onto to become an area manager for the same company within a very short space of time. We still didn’t like him, but it was more through envy than anything else.

Sound familiar?

Skinflick, Inferno, Weapons of Mass Belief on BBC Radio Wales

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BBC Radio Wales, Adam Walton Outdoor Broadcast from RNA Club, Holyhead

(review and pix by MWJ)
Holyhead doesn’t have the best of reputations. I think the last time I was there was on some primary school trip to look at the ferries. It was dismal then, and then all I’d heard in the meantime, on the Under 5’s ear hunting missions, the environment that inspired Wendykurk to drugs and fury, and it literally resembling the end of the earth, hadn’t encouraged me to return. However, from the gutter you can see the stars as they say and partly through deprived area funding and a lack of anything else to do, the town has become the hub of a rising Anglesey music scene. This has a pretty heavy vibe to it, and tonights outside broadcast for Adam Walton’s Radio Wales show brought a wider focus onto happenings in the area.

ARCHIVE GIG – Skinflick @ Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Leipzig

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(review & pix by MWJ)

“Guten tag, Leipzig. Schbonc, schbonc!”
Sadly, this proposed opening on-stage gambit (with accompanying hand gestures) was dropped due to fears of the band collapsing in stitches and there was a vaguely serious job to be done in bringing the Skinflick experience to a fraction of the 19,000 children of the night (Goths, dark wave techno heads, industrialists, Vikings, dwarves, etc.) descending in a solid black swarm on sunny Leipzig for the 4 day festival over this bank holiday weekend.

Skinflick release Pearls Before Swine

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Cover shot for the promo EP (pic courtesy of Duncan Black)
Pearls features a heavier industrial rock sound to previous releases, has recently been finished and was sent out in promo format, plans are to expand this six track cd to a full album are in the pipeline with a release sometime soon.


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Live session for Adam Walton’s musical Mystery Tour’, BBC Radio Wales