Skinflick – Death Threat Recriminations

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Skinflick DTR
The new album out today. Click here to order/hear via Bandcamp.
Bangor’s Skinflick return with a follow up to 2005’s ‘Halo Of Flies’ with this pretty damn fine mini album.
Speaking about the hiatus, Justin explains, ‘It was a strange time, seven years have passed since Halo of Flies, I’d pretty much walked away from music, sold all my gear, discovered a love of building motorbikes and generally being happy. Happiness and Skinflick don’t mix.’
We’re glad you’re pissed off again Justin.

Skinflick – track online now

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Bangor based Industrial terrorists Skinflick have announced a return to the scene with a new album in the spring after a two hiatus. They release Kozlowskis Bomb today online as a teaser two days before release (click pic to hear)

Skinflick new album / DVD

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not sure if this was released, if it was it would’ve been on Dead Sexy recs


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(narration and pix by Neil Crud)

Billed as ‘Parti Metel’ – that’s Metal Party to you and me, you sensed it was going to be a sparse evening. That has nothing to do with the bands on the bill and everything to do with the city they were playing in.

Skinflick release album

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Bangor’s Skinflick release ‘Halo of Flies/The Maggot Circle’, special edition album, Dead Sexy Records, DS505 (originally released as a demo in 2003) – Subsequently gained proper remastering and release in October 2005 with bonus remix CD (The Maggot Circle)