Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 63 – with Teeth Crack / Skinflick in Session

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Sometimes the planets align and sometimes they smash into each other and sometimes both! This is what happened when Bangor’s Skinflick teamed up with Rhyl’s Teeth Crack to bring you last month’s ‘Wetworks Of Heresy EP’.
Eager to pollute the airwaves I had already invited Skinflick to perform a session on my show, and it was suggested that they collaborated live in the studio. Their initial idea was to simply perform the EP live… ‘Boring’ I said. A session should, yes, promote a new release, but also give the listener something else. The result was incredible… Particularly the Christine Aguilera cover!

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 63
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New Album / Interview – SKINFLICK

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Bangor’s very own Sith Lord, Justin Williams of Skinflick takes time out from slaying Ewoks to answer a few questions about the band’s first new recorded work in four years…
‘I’m Pissing On You But The Fire Has Long Since Gone Out’ is a hate filled 45 minutes album riddled with industrial coldwave angst…

Re-issue – SKINFLICK – Death Threat Recriminations

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Skinflick DTR
Skinflick have re-issued their 2012 mini-album ‘Death Threat Recriminations’ –  Click here to order/hear via Bandcamp.
At the time, it was their first release in seven years.
Speaking about the hiatus, Justin explains, ‘It was a strange time, seven years have passed since ‘Halo of Flies’, I’d pretty much walked away from music, sold all my gear, discovered a love of building motorbikes and generally being happy. Happiness and Skinflick don’t mix.’
We’re glad you’re pissed off again Justin.

New Release – SKINFLICK – reissue back catalogue

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Bangor’s industrial-sub-mutant filth merchants Skinflick have digitally re-released the album ‘Halo of Flies/The Maggot Circle’ via bandcamp on it’s tenth anniversary.
The special edition album, came out on Dead Sexy Records, DS505 (originally released as a demo in 2003) – Subsequently gained proper remastering and release in October 2005 with a bonus remix CD (The Maggot Circle).
They have also made some of their back catalogue from that era available again, which, on listening again to Six Stone Junkie is a real treat!
‘Year Of the Dogs’ is the other re-release and is equally as excellent (in a brutal senseless beating kind of way).
Get them here..!

Zombie Dub

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Paul Hammond, Joe Shooman and Justin Williams have combined forces to bring you this remix of Zombie Dub.
Hammond, aka Paul Scouse Git, former frontman with Psycho Sexual Terrestrials and GMX Stuns has collaborated with former Vaffan Coulo member and now author, Joe Shooman to bring you the Zombie Dub; a series of dark poetry backed by dark music.
Skinflick murderer Justin has added his chainsawing talents and chopped it up just for you…