FESTIVAL REVIEW – Bearded Theory 2019 @ Catton Park, Derbyshire

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[Blinders pic by Live Music Pix]

This is our fifth annual family pilgrimage to Derbyshire… Family being kith and kin (all 8000 of us). It was emotional for all the right reasons. I don’t even look at the line-up before taking the plunge as it’s the vibe with like-minded people you go for.

My only gripe and dampener with the whole weekend was that my band were not invited to play – a heinous oversight by the organisers…

On the Festival Scale, Bearded Theory is right up there… Catering for families and crusty punks and more importantly no (or very few) dickheads. There’s a relaxed community feel and everyone is friendly.

GIG REVIEW – Skids @ The Live Rooms, Chester

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[review n pix by rich ‘noiseannoys’ phillips]

Tales of the Unexpected! So I grabbed a last minute offer to catch the Skids play a Chester Live Rooms show. So last minute I didn’t even have a chance to get train beers (which is the norm for any journey over 25 minutes long). So rushed was I that also forgot to take the “hip flask of doom” (long story). As a result this proved to be a first sober gig experience when I hadn’t driven!

GIG REVIEW – Skids @ The Ritz, Manchester

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[Review By Paul Hammond, Photos By Gary M Hough]

Wow! ….40 years.. am I really that old?…. 40 years since ‘God Save The Queen’, 40 years since Liverpool first won the first of 5 European Cups and yes 40 years since the Skids first got together up in Dunfermline.