In The Shit, This System Kills, L98, Six Year Hangover @ Old Hall, Penrhyn Bay

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(pix by Steve Brute)

In The Shit
In The Shit

Punk ethics. To me that includes the questionable decision to cycle to the Old Hall from Conwy in some belated half-arsed new years resolution to actually do some exercise, cut down on car use, and being able to get pissed as well (although drunk in charge of bike is still a risk – you’ll never catch me coppers!, well you probably won’t even spot me crashed in some ditch).

Archive Gig – Gape, Six Year Hangover @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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oi nutter!
Flyers are back in a big way, they’re everywhere! I think the advent of the computer & internet age kinda stopped the flyer brigade for a while, but the vengeance has begun. Every table & bar at every gig is plastered with flyers advertising whats on next week at Bar Blu, when Beki Bondage is at the Iron Door in Birkenhead, how much Crave will rock you, etc etc. And its great to see.

Sick 56, WORM, 6 Year Hangover @ Old Hall, Penrhyn Bay

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sick56You know those American films like ‘Repo-Man’ & ‘The Lost Boys’ where they have loads of punks in a warehouse throwing a massive party? A band will be playing, there’s fornicating going on, a mosh pit in action with limbs being broken, people slipping on beer & sick stained floors, glasses being smashed & girls crying.
Well that was the Old Hall tonight. Great gig!

Alien Matter / Instant Agony / Six Year Hangover @ Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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Stuntface, The Cox, 6 Year Hangover @ Fairview Inn, Llanddulas

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‘Hey Neil, what did you do on your birthday?’
‘Oh I went for a night out in Llandulas.’
Llandulas; the Seattle of North Wales, the mecca for music! I dragged Wayne The Bastard from the comforts of his modest home with 2.4 DVD players & a dead hamster to sample the delights of the Fairview Inn. Not exactly my beloved All Night Titty Bar, but interesting nevertheless.