Stuntface, Second Hand Shit, Sick Dastardlys @ Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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(review n pix by neil crud)
Ha Ha Ha..!! Some things will live on in the memories of those who experience them forever. The incident tonight at the end of Stuntface’s set is one of those things. It’s gotta be the funniest thing I, and all those present have ever seen at a gig.

Neil Crud’s 2007 Predictions

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(North Wales Weekly News)
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ARCHIVE REVIEW – Sick Dastardlys, Johnny Horizontal, Stash Pocket @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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(review by neil crud and mwj – pix by crud)

October – November are always subdued times of the year in Scummy Rhyl. Chip paper wrappings blow down the road, discarded by the latest inner city immigrant who’d rather sign-on by the seaside than in the smog. We endured such a specimen while watching the football in the pub, he was ranting immature bullshit in a thick Brummy accent at the TV screen. It turned out he couldn’t read as it flashed up ‘CORNERS WON – BIRMINGHAM 0 LIVERPOOL 3.’ He started screaming that the Scousers hadn’t scored three goals. So seeing that he can’t read I can say what I want… SO FUCK OFF BACK UNDER THE STONE YOU CRAWLED FROM YOU PIECE OF SHIT.

Instant Agony, Drongos For Europe, Paul Carter, Sick Dastardlys @ Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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How do I review a what was essentially a wake? Tonight was a celebration of the life of Jonny Williams, a send off for someone taken from us so tragically last week.
I knew Jonny as the punk rocker who would happily be a girly mosher with the rest of us when The Dangerfields came to town, or The Cox, or Alien Matter or anyone; so long as they were punk.