Stuntface – new drummer

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Ex-Seize The Day stickman Anton Tinman joins Stuntface. Anton has also served time with Instant Agony and Minus Nine Lives.

The Dirty Weekend, Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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(review n pix steve sync, additional pix neil crud)

Babar Luck, Anonymous Tip, Seize The Day, Patrol, Chief – Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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(review n pix by neil crud & MWJ)

Neil Crud… ‘There won’t be another fuckin’ time after that pile of shite.’ Said either Nick or Dan in a scouse accent of Chief when I asked them for a CD; they didn’t have any so I said I’d grab one next time they play in Rhyl.
‘It costs fuckin’ money to get here and we’re all fuckin’ skint.’
Yes I know, I played in bands too, it’s a labour of love, stuck in some godforsaken town with only enough cash to get a bag of chips between you and the petrol gauge is in the red.


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holyhead punx rool ok
Adrenalin Talkin’

‘I’m not really into punk’ said Adrenalin Talkin’s guitarist as we stood in the Dudley bogs having a piss. It’s a strange ritual we men go through, standing there chatting to each other with our dicks out.
We both agreed on our one love though, The Ruts, although not into punk, the Holyhead guitarist shared my affection for that punk band and he had earlier played Back Biter on stage to a receptive audience. I had told him covers bands didn’t really do it for me and to play anything by The Clash (Tommy Gun & Janie Jones) is sacrilege. But, credit where its due, Adrenlin Talkin’ put on a good show, with Sham 69, Billy Bragg, The Ramones, SLF all given an airing and a bit of Generation X, although the singer Dave, didn’t quite share the looks of Billy Idol.