Orient Machine, Secretaire @ The Commercial, Wrexham

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Orient Machine1
It was so loud tonight that my spleen felt like it was being pulverised, and I cursed myself for leaving my ear plugs at home (…who said that..?!)
Wrexham is where it’s all happening at the moment, a bustling scene run by like-minded people with one common interest at heart – LIVE MUSIC.
Central Station is, and has been for many years a great venue for the touring, slightly under / slightly over the NME radar bands. Saith Seren keeps on keeping on, and we have The Commercial; a back alley pub with a licence to print music… Ace! And, as I said, it’s down to a group of people (who gather together to put on the excellent Focus Wales Festival in April) who are strong willed and make things happen.

Secretaire – Prick On A Racetrack

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GREAT track by this band who sport Kendo Nagasaki leotards on stage…

Seagull Kinevil, Secretaire @ Base, Bangor

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(review n pix by neil crud)