Gwyl Gwydir 2014 @ Llanrwst

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(review n pix by Special Agent Amy)
gruff gwydir

A small Welsh festival set in North Wales’ very own Llanwrst, hosting over twenty bands over three different stages, surrounded by the Gwydir Forest and giant trees.
It was a twee setting for Gwyl Gwydir to happen, complete with tipi tents, bunting and artwork.

New Single – SEAZOO – Dog Hotel

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seazoo-1If you type Seazoo into Google, you get links for the Sea Zoo in Brynsciencyn and  not a Dog Hotel in sight. I haven’t got a clue what Seazoo are on about with this delightful 3 minute slightly skew-whiff pop song, and it really doesn’t matter… Something about a dog hotel opening in 1793..? Maybe, I could be a million miles away…
This is their second gift to the Gods at the sacrificial alter of Indieanity and it follows on from the début Ken EP, which gleefully skipped into our lives last summer. Dog Hotel is far more a conventional song than that initial offering and you’d be forgiven for thinking you were listening to Sweet Baboo in both production and songsmithship, which, as we all know is the crème de la crème formulae.
It is a great little pop song, with a nice twisted middle-8 bit, and comes out on Oct 21st – get it here – and when this Wrexham ensemble do get it together to record an album, I’ll eat my cat if they’re not amongst the 12 nominees for next years Welsh Music Prize.


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I know nothing about Seazoo apart from having them jump out at me late on Saturday when they were played on BBC Radio Wales by Adam Walton. So I’m gonna research this band while I play the EP.
They’re singing something like ‘Let’s Kill The Cat’ in the incredibly short and incredibly catchy No Wrenching of Guts This Time. It sounds like something off the Sub-Pop label which is a laudable description in itself.