Junebug, Ship Ahoy!, Valleum @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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pic by Tom Price

Valleum, Gogz, Kobe @ Hendre Hall, Bangor

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Wendykurk, Kipperwig, Valleum, Carbonvein @ Hendre Hall, Bangor

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(review by MWJ – pic by Huw Prestatyn)

So, I was returning from work in Scotland (previous night having endured having to rely on teletext for news on Wales match AND put up with celtic cousins anticipating us not being much of a threat to them in the play-offs, ha!). Anyway, what better way to break up a 5 hour journey than to extend it a bit and go and see some local noise merchants in Hendre

Valleum, Wendykurk, Dodos, Midasuno @ Hendre Hall, Bangor

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(by The Goth)

A late arrival meant I only caught half The Do Do’s set (which was too much) & nothing of Midasuno but the stories about their show was that the South Walians blew the growing audience away. Do Do’s & Ectogram member Alan Holmes later said; “Midasuno were in fact very good last night – far too good to be cheapened by any awards. It’s a long time since I’ve seen such an energetic bunch on stage – I needed to sit down to get my breath back just from watching them.”

Wendykurk, Valleum, Ectogram, The Raven @ Railway Institute, Bangor

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(review & pix by Neil Crud)

Steve Rastin reviewed a 4Q gig 15½ years ago & complained that for £2 he got 4 bands & only just got his money’s worth. One & a half decades later inflation has doubled the entry fee & I was on the verge of thinking the same thing.