Scratch Perverts in Bangor

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ARCHIVE REVIEW – Scratch Perverts @ Time, Bangor

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(review by JuZ)

More stress than necessary in the build up too this gig, my as of late transition into sobriety has left me anything but stress free and performing new material with fresh people (as in their first gig) was an anxiety filled event I would not share with my worst enemy (or even Neil Crud for that matter) But enough about me this wasnt an evening of JuZ this was the scratch perverts and this was going too be big, for those of you wo havent heard of the scratch perverts they are 3 dj’s, Im not talking about mobile disco dick disc jockeys or over paid space cadets playing ibiza to a metronone these guys are the realest deal mixing more genre’s than cruds cd collection int’ tumble dryer.