Focus Wales 2015 @ Wrexham (Wednesday)

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Cometh the day, cometh the hour… Focus Wales is once again upon us, and like last year, the opening night is condensed into one venue (with two stages).
The venue being Central Station and a strict thirty minutes per band policy ensures the live music is relentless, as the stages alternate and also ensures each band will pack only their best output. No mid-set lull, no pratting about… Your mother will be thankful; she’s just been Wham Bammed!

Release Newsround…

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From the gutter in Rhyl to the bright lights of London, Bright Young People kick the beggar on the sidewalk, flick the V’s at the cameras and act cooler than cool in the name of rock and roll… Make that dirty rock and roll. Their debut (proper) 5 track EP gives a nod to sunny Rhyl with the title ‘Sunshine Town EP’ and is loud, gritty and uncompromising with it’s Stooges swagger and spit you in the face attitude. (itunes)

Out of The Ashes Festival (Saturday) @ Ellesmere Port

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OOTAWhat I do love about festivals is good weather, good company, good music and the morning after the night before vibe. That come down… The first band on… Now I’ve seen some amazing come-down bands… Faithless (probably the best) and Dogsflesh immediately spring to mind, and stamped onto that list are now Blackburn’s Sky Valley Mistress.