Hellshock, Deathwish, Sadist, Ascend/Descend @ Firehouse 13, Providence, Rhode Island

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Next expedition saw us drawn to the mist enshrouded streets thronged with shadowy fish-men, where some strange cultist ceremony was going down on the edge of town.  Actually, the sun was still blazing so our trip to HP Lovecraft’s grave didn’t really have much success in summoning Cthulhu, and we got told off for not having a permit to take photos, but hey, we have called them, and they’re coming…  .  Instead we visited the home branch of Armageddon Records, hit a bar, ate some excellent Asian food and found our way to a converted fire station venue on the other side of town for tonight’s show. 

Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Blood Red Throne, Sadist, Cerebral Bore, Carceri @ Academy 2, Liverpool

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(review n pix by mwj)

Knowing that there was an imminent weekend’s Hammering coming up this was a timely warm up with a concentrated level of extremity that would be in relatively short supply over in Prestatyn. This was a colossal bill from the local Whiplash promoters put together backing the strength of the U.S. headliners reputation as death metal legends, but the rug was somewhat pulled out from under it with the news that vocalist Frank Mullen couldn’t make this tour due to day to day commitments. As one of the most entertaining and charismatic frontmen I’ve seen there was a wonder whether their level of impact could be maintained with a stand-in but the ticket was already bought so lets dive in anyway.