Zombies From Ireland – at Ulcheldre Centre, Holyhead

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(review by neil crud)

Before going to see a film made on a budget of (theatrical) blood, sweat, real tears and no money at all; you need a few preconceptions… This is not a Hollywood Blockbuster, this is not even an S4C late night filler…  The acting is going to be wooden at best, the camera shots are going to be shaky, the lighting is going to be from 100watt bulbs and torches, the storyline is going to be hard to fathom and follow and the sound is mainly going to be from the built-in mic on the camera.
If you can get over these obstacles, then sit back and relax, you’re gonna love this film.

Ryan Kift – Ar Goll (new album)

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Ryan Kift: “Ar Goll” MENAI Records-CD004

The Debut Album from Ryan Kift (ex Something Personal Vocalist).

The Album “Ar Goll” features a mixture of ten tracks, five Welsh & five English plus a video of County Hotel