EXCLUSIVE – Unseen Pics Of The Ruts in North Wales

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Paul Mattock (pic above in Feb13) is the calm, mild-mannered drummer for the insanity that is Rabo De Toro, he was also the original drummer of the seminal punk band The Ruts.
They formed in August 1977, as Paul explains; ‘Punk happened. Malcolm [Owen] really got into it and started writing punk songs with Paul Fox. It started out as a bit of a laugh. Dave Ruffy fancied himself as a bass player and I played the drums. We got some cheap studio time and went in and recorded some of the songs, Lobotomy, H Eyes and In A Rut (listen here). As soon as we played In A Rut, we knew it could be a hit. It was from this track that we got the name The Ruts.

THE DAMNED, RUTS DC @ Tivoli, Buckley

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What can you say that’s not already been said? What can you read that’s not already been read..? – That should be a lyric..!
Due to the fall in record sales over the last few years because people prefer to steal music rather than pay for it, bands have had to take to the road to earn their corn. As a result ticket sales have increased (doubled), but on the plus side, you get to see your favourite bands more regularly than you would have.

The Ruts / Aslan interview with Paul Mattock

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(by neil crud / pics snared off paul)
Paul Mattock
I bumped into Duncan Black in Bangor a few weeks ago and, typically, being the guitar whore that he is he said he was doing some stuff locally with the original drummer from The Ruts. We discussed the North Wales connection with that seminal punk band as I knew that some, or all of the members had lived on a commune on Anglesey and had a celtic band called Aslan.
As a kid growing up in Denbigh and only being 13 when The Ruts front man Malcolm Owen died, I remember hearing rumours that he was from North Wales. Rumours become chinese whispers, and before you know it, his mum came from Denbigh! This is probably not true and that rumour now obviously stems from the fact The Ruts roots began in Anglesey.