ALBUM REVIEW – Rum Lad – Vandalism

[review by paul hammond]
Rum Lad – Vandalism – Out Now!

Earlier this year I was trawling through ‘Bandcamp’ looking for new music to play on my ‘Punk AF’ Radio show when I happened upon an artist called Rum Lad. I think it was the name that made me click on it but as soon as I heard the opening track ‘Shoplifter’ I was blown away. It was proper DIY in your face punk full of energy, great lyrics, really catchy & great production.

I purchase the 4 track EP ‘Spital Hill’ straight away and although I liked all 4 tracks it was the opening track ‘Shoplifter’ that stood out the most and I was excited to put it into my radio show playlist to see what other people made of it.More