Roadburn Festival 2019 @ Tilburg, Holland

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So I had an urge, an urge to splurge on dirge.  2016 was the last time I was at Roadburn and I was missing it, so the itch in my ear had to be scratched.  There were some cool line-up announcements but past experience showed it was one of the best places for discovering new stuff from the eclectic mix of dark and heavy vibes they celebrate.

Roadburn 2016, Sunday

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Now the last day, or the Afterburner as it is monickered, is usually a somewhat more mellow affair to ease people’s heads back into something resembling normality after the exertions and exhaustions of the preceding days. Hence I’m usually on my way back to Schipol and home but this year the organisers have thrown caution to the wind and a paint can full of diesel on the embers with a day of no rest and an unmissable second Neurosis set to finish, entirely different to yesterday’s aural feast.

Roadburn 2016, Saturday

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A day largely to be spent at the main stage with such another wealth of quality bands, Roadburn you are spoiling us.  First up to crush our hopes for the day and eternity are Skepticism from Finland.  Remiss of me not to know them, regarded as they are as pioneers of the funeral doom genre since 1991, and enjoyable they were as that, as a feet dragging procession of sombre riffing washed our worries away, while they cheered various people up by handing out death bouquets. 

Roadburn 2016, Friday

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with the dead

Ah, practical luxury to ease us into the day, with hot showers, coffee and cooked breakfast on the campsite, a supermarket 5 minutes up the road for our refreshment supplies, the good life. 

Roadburn 2016 @ Tilburg, The Netherlands – Thursday

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paradise lost

It is undoubtedly a special festival, but there is often something extra special which ensures my intermittent attendance (fourth time since 2011). This year it was 30th anniversary celebrations of the seminal post-metal behemoths Neurosis, coming over from Oakland Ca. to deliver two nights of entirely differing retrospective sets. The prospect of that emotional devastation was enough but with the sure knowledge that the rest of the bill would fill up with gems to make it once more a worthwhile expedition skipping through the tulips crushed beneath the boots of nihilistic doom!