Cerys Matthews ‘Tir’ – Album Review

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(by rhys mwyn)

Tir - Cerys Matthews
There have been trailblazers in the Welsh Folk Scene, think Ar Log with their Led Zep like numbered albums Ar Log I, Ar Log II etc, (Ar Log toured Europe / toured South America years before the Cool Cymru protagonists were learning to tie their shoelaces) and even in recent times we have had the dubby re-interpretations of trad Welsh songs by 9Bach and a progression for sure in terms of presentation and arrangements by artists such as Georgia Ruth Williams and Gareth Bonello (The Gentle Good) not to mention new original material.

Blog Rhys Mwyn – Welsh Royalties Row

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Some of you may know, most of you reading this probably won’t, I write a weekly column in Welsh for Herald Gymraeg, which is an insert in Wednesday’s Daily Post every week. When I first started to contribute for Yr Herald Gymraeg  I was writing about Pop Culture, that is Welsh Pop Culture with references to Pop Culture in general.

What I found from feedback was that my audience at the Herald were not really interested in Pop Culture and gradually I shifted the emphasis to writing about Welsh History and Archaeology and suggesting places the readers could visit. So it may have been a walk up Tre’r Ceiri or it could have been a thumbs up for Ty Mawr café in Rhyd Ddu. The response was universal – keep writing about the history and ditch the Pop Culture.

Blog Rhys Mwyn – Rock Against The Rich

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Rock Against The Rich Tour 1988.

Anhrefn were busy during this period, we had released our first album ‘Defaid, Skateboards a Wellies” on the Worker’s Playtime and  were generally out and about doing gigs around the UK. We had also already started to tour Europe from early 1988 and the NME was the weekly read in the tour van. We’d check out NME for any reviews or whatever and on this particular day a tour by Joe Strummer had just been announced under the banner of Rock Against The Rich.