BLOG RHYS MWYN – We Never Got Paid For What We Made

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NME 31.08.85
: as always I will try to be objective – as always I will fail. I blame Morley/Burchill/Parsons and Savage. It is impossible to write about Welsh Pop Culture and not succumb to Morley/Burchill/Parsons/Savage-isms.The Face was my Bible, these writers both informed and inspired.

BLOG RHYS MWYN – Monet in Llangefni !

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I’m going to write a full review for ‘Herald Gymraeg’ on 31 July but as a taster here’s a quick run down of the Launch Party for the David Meredith curated exhibition ‘Golau ar y Gamlas’ at Oriel Ynys Mon (Anglesey Gallery)(19/07/2013). And the title gives it all away, who would have thought that on a very hot summer’s evening we are all gathered in what is the splendid and rather superb Oriel Ynys Mon to view works by Monet, Turner, Sickert and Canaletto as well as our homegrown stars Brangwyn and Kyffin (no one would recognise Williams). That’s interesting – we always refer to JMW Turner as Turner and Frank as Brangwyn but Kyffin – well we are on first name terms with him ….. he is after all the star that shines brightly over Oriel Ynys Mon, along with Tunnicliffe and the Massey Sisters.

BLOG RHYS MWYN – Is Welsh Culture Fucked…

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or did we just fuck it up ?

I’m going to leave it to the great, late Tony Wilson to start off the proceedings, ever the Situationist and brilliant Regionalist, Wilson also knew how to give a good quote :

Punk enabled you to say ‘fuck you’, but somehow it couldn’t go any further. It was just a single, venomous one syllable, two-syllable phrase of anger. Sooner or later someone was going to want to say more than “fuck you”. Someone was going to want to say ‘I’m fucked’. And it was Joy Division who were the first band to do that, to use the energy and simplicity of punk to express more complex emotions.

See –

BLOG RHYS MWYN – Caneuon Protest CD

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Adolygiad o CD ‘Caneuon Protest’ Sain CD2701

Yoko Ono ddywedodd yn ddiweddar “Energy is so important, if you don’t have it, don’t bother with rock and roll”. Ddigon teg, ddigon gwir ond beth yn union yw “egni” yng nghyd destyn rock’n roll, am beth yn union mae Yoko yn son ? Dwi’n cytuno a Yoko gyda llaw, cytuno 100% a mwy, hyd yn oed os dwi ddim yn siwr sut mae hi yn diffinio “egni” a byddwn wrth fy modd yn rhoi y CD yma iddi, ‘Caneuon Protest’ a dweud “go on then Yoko which ones have it, never mind the Language, just listen to the vibes ?”

BLOG Rhys Mwyn – Afiach Releases Radio Rhydd

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TrywerynI’ve just finished doing a review of a CD called ‘Caneuon Protest’ a compilation of Welsh Language protest Songs and a broader discussion of where the protest song sits within popular culture in Wales today for BBC online.