BLOG RHYS MWYN – Gary Kemp, ‘Kick Out The Jams’ Perspectives, ITV.

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(by rhys mwyn)
(Gary Kemp investigates the modern art world, 25 years after it was rocked on its heels by the arrival of Hirst, Emin and the other Young British Artists).

In 2010 I was managing a musician called Steve New who also used the name Stella Nova. New had been a member of a band called the Rich Kids along with Glen Matlock, Midge Ure and Rusty Egan in the late 70’s. This was Matlock’s post Pistols band. The first single ‘Rich Kids’ was released in a plain red sleeve.

BLOG RHYS MWYN – How Do You Pull 7000 Punters?

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Edward H Dafis
An almost insignificant tweet by Owain Schiavone @owainsgiv editor of Y Selar magazine on the 22nd of December put a very good question out there. Basically, what would it take for a current Welsh language band to have the pulling power of Edward H ? Edward H’s ‘Farewell Concert’ at the 2013 Eisteddfod had been shown again on S4C, as ‘Mwy o Gig Olaf Edward H Dafis’ [More of the gig…] and I’m guessing that it’s this repeat showing that prompted the tweet.

BLOG RHYS MWYN – People’s Collection Wales, Sex Pistols @ Caerffili Dec 1976 (+ interview)

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(pics at Caerphilly gig taken by Dave Smitham – check out his pics here)

I have just written a piece for my Herald Gymraeg column (January 1st) on the fact the ‘People’s Collection’ website have just published a piece on Councillor Ray Davies, the man who tried to ban the Sex Pistols from playing the Castle Cinema in Caerffili during the Anarchy Tour December 1976.

BLOG RHYS MWYN – Review of Dafydd Iwan documentary on S4C

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John Robb’s summary of Christmas TV [on louderthanwar] is as good place as any to start, to quote from his Sex Pistols review “the dire Xmas break – where UK culture seems to be on a permanent 1974 time loop“. But then Robb does not have to deal with Welsh TV, at least the occasional thing gets through on BBC4 or Channel 4. Someone pointed out on twitter (rather critically) recently that the commissioning editors at BBC4 are definitely from the Punk generation as every other Pop Culture programme refers to Punk in some way.

BLOG RHYS MWYN – De-punk some myths about Welsh Royalties dispute

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Cartwn Sgrech 1983
I stand by most of what I said in this interview for Culture Colony, during the period of the Welsh language Royalties “dispute”, and “you know what they say, some of it is true” but I had to laugh when my first EOS,  royalties cheque landed earlier this month for the first payment period for 2013. In fact the interview sum’s it up far better than anything I can write