BLOG RHYS MWYN: Pop Needs To Get Political Again (Cian in The Guardian)

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Fe soniais yn fy ngholofn bythefnos yn ol (10 Mehefin) wrth adolygu Gwyl Merthyr Rising 2015, fod grwp newydd Cian Ciaran o’r Super Furrys, a’i gariad Estelle Ios, sef y Zefur Wolves, wedi adfer fy ffydd mewn cerddoriaeth. Cymaint felly bu i mi fynd i weld y grwp yn canu am yr eilwaith mewn llai nac wythnos.

BLOG Rhys Mwyn – Top 10 of 2014

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Mon FM ‘Mona Antiqua Playlist’


BLOG RHYS MWYN – Welsh Pop History Nights on S4C

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WARNING – this Blog contains both Punk Rock language and references.I quote Cuthbert Coventry describing architect Sir Basil Spence during the re building of Coventry cathedral as one “who builds solidly upon past foundations” and it fits in with a couple of programmes to be broadcast later this week on S4C.
On Thursday night 10pm ‘Project Datblygu’ is screened and then on Saturday, Gareth Potter’s documentary ‘Gadael yr Ugeinfed Ganrif’ get’s an airing at 9pm 

BLOG RHYS MWYN – Why It’s Unlikely I’ll Discuss Welsh Language Music Like This Again

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These are some of my thoughts on this year’s Eisteddfod. I took part in two events – one I enjoyed immensely and one left me profoundly depressed. I also saw a couple of things which suggested that the Eisteddfod has a role to play in the wider debate – this is my wander through the Maes.

BLOG RHYS MWYN – Gruff Rhys / American Interior @ Gwyl Lenyddiaeth Dinefwr

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(review n pix by rhys mwyn)

My ‘gig’ at Gwyl Lenyddiaeth Dinefwr was to lead a walk up to Dinefwr Castle, medieval home to the Princes of Deheubarth, Arglwydd Rhys, Rhys Gryg etc Technically this ‘gig’ was tour guiding rather than a performance although I do tell some stories and certainly my tour guiding includes an element of psycho-geography. But my point here, is that probably for the first time in recorded history, a tour guide got to support Gruff Rhys – now that’s pretty cool and one for the CV !