Rebellion Festival / Gwyl Gwrthryfel – Blackpool

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(review n pix by rhys mwyn)

Fel arfer mae gennyf reol, dwi ddim ond yn mynd i gigs os dwi’n gweithio yno. Byddaf yn torri’r rheol weithiau ond ar y cyfan rwy’n llawer hapusach hefo rhywbeth i’w wneud felly pan ffoniodd Viv Albertine a holi os byddwn yn hoffi dod fyny i Rebellion hefo hi dyma fachu’r cyfle, wedi’r cwbl roedd PIL yn chwarae a byddai’n gyfle i ddal fyny hefo nifer o artistiaid rwy’n eu hadnabod.

Rebellion Festival 2012, Blackpool – Sunday

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(review n pix neil crud)

(review n pix by neil crud – additional pix duesy duesbury)

Rebellion Festival 2012, Blackpool – Saturday

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(review n pix by neil crud)

I took some Cyanide Pills (pic below) and they soon dissolved the cobwebs that had enveloped a reluctant battle scarred body. Making Her Mind Up was proper tuneful 1977 singalong punk rock with smatterings of US garagey influences. Again, like all the other Arena matinees, it was full of people eager to soak up the sounds of another day. Simple subjects Against The Wall, about being down the hall playing pool, or I Can’t Get It Up, about well… you know the drill, happy go lucky stuff. Cyanide Pills are not here to change the world, not here to preach, they’re just here to strap on a guitar and play some rock and roll.

Rebellion Festival 2012, Blackpool – Friday

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(review n pix by neil crud)

Y’know what, it’s great to be able to shake off a hangover with a cooked breakfast, grab a shower, brush a peg or two and wander down to watch some blistering punk rock at 1pm on a Friday afternoon, and not a welly or a field full of mud anywhere to be seen. What a great idea NOT to hold this festival knee deep in shit.

Rebellion Festival 2012, Blackpool – Thursday

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(review n pix by neil crud)

Bags packed, basil plant sent to the babysitter, everything unplugged except the fridge. Tune on, turn in and fuck off… Blackpool here we come. This is the one time of year where Blackpool takes a breather from the hoardes of pissed up stag and hen nights, and relaxes, safe in the knowledge that thousands of cider swigging punks won’t be trying to kill everyone on sight. That’s the difference with the punk family; we are, in essence a family… Yes there are dickheads, but the majority of us were brought up on that same philosophy – have a good time, but cause the least suffering possible, it is almost the Hippy way but without being a stoned wanker all the tIme.