REBELLION XMAS BASH – Birmingham Ballroom

By |December 8th, 2012|3 Comments

(review by Trev HAGL)

First thoughts were “it’s not gonna be a cheap weekend!”. Cheapest city centre digs I could find were £40 a night, the train was gonna be £80 return so I opted for the gruelling Megabus journey – 2+ hours longer each way, but I told myself that at £30 return that would be like working for more than the minimum wage for merely sitting on my arse, so Megabus it was, and Dawn had paid my £42 gig ticket for Xmas box so it was “Brum here we come” . Slowly, very very slowly.

Rancid, Anti-Nowhere League play Manchester Academy

By |December 7th, 2012|0 Comments

(review by joe hovis)

I hadn’t been to the Manchester Academy in a long time (probably since I last saw Rancid in 2008) they have refurnished the place and it looks smart and it’s clear a lot of money has been spent on this venue. After a 2 hour train journey and trying to locate the Rancid boys in various pubs before the 7 o’clock kick off to no avail I eventually admitted defeat and started queuing up with fans of all types, your Fred Perry skinheads there for Booze and Glory, your old man bikers there for the League and every other type of punk you can imagine for Rancid’s various genre crossovers.