GIG REVIEW – Curiad Pulse Festival Kill Thursday @ Skerries, Bangor

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Paul Henshaw, Spam Javelin, Rabo De Toro, Cane Toads, Dilation

Curiad Pulse Festival in Bangor is run by the tireless James Phillips and his team of dedicated workers. It’s a celebration of local music, mainly those centred around the city, but also spanning across North Wales too.

GIG REVIEW – Rabo De Toro @ Curiad Pulse Festival, Bangor

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‘Fuck the Tories, thank you and goodnight’
Up went a loud cheer and the hoards left the Crosville Club and headed off home to plot revolutions…
Curiad May17

If I was to put my political activist head on, then I’d have to say that Rabo De Toro are potentially one of the most important bands in this country right now.
Their message is one of outrage, they’re not preaching for social change, they’re telling you exactly how it is and leaving you to decide how you are going to change it.

Rabo De Toro, Fay Ray, Welsh Rebel Outpost, Burnham Burnham, White Ether @ Neuadd Ogwen, Bethesda

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This is the second benefit gig for Music For Hospitals, the first being the same time, same place last year. And once again, a resounding success – a celebration of those within the music scene along this patch of land who are no longer with us… Jonny Fflaps, Barry Cyrff, Al Maffia and Bern Elfyn Presli.
There are more (too many)…  Maeyc Hewitt (Ectogram), Edi Filmstar (4Q), Les Morrison, Dave Griffiths (Joie de Vivre), O’Malley (Toilets), Ron Watt (Last Rights), Hugh Hughes (Y Brodyr), Chris Wright (Patchwork) and others who have contributed to our wonderful local music scene.

Rabo de Toro, A Devil’s Din, Hot Dawg Assassins @ The Skerries, Bangor

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Like its original namesake The Skerries stands like a little beacon of light and hope for any sort of alternative live music in Bangor. Keeping the flame burning through the ups and downs of the scene here, which has definitely punched below its weight in recent times, especially given the number of students lurking, James [Phillips] is open minded and appreciative of a wide range of real music and has gathered some treats for us tonight.
The place is certainly full with freshers but their minds may be elsewhere than the madness in the back room.