Album Review – R.SEILIOG – In Hz

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Track three – Cymatic Modes is about four minutes old and has convinced me I’m experiencing a flashback from my college days (I studied magic mushrooms from under a table in the common room). My head is awash from wave upon wave of transcendent sounds caressing the cortex in a sub-Rhythm & Stealth, post-Future Sound of Denbigh world.

Gwyl Gwydir 2014 @ Llanrwst

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(review n pix by Special Agent Amy)
gruff gwydir

A small Welsh festival set in North Wales’ very own Llanwrst, hosting over twenty bands over three different stages, surrounded by the Gwydir Forest and giant trees.
It was a twee setting for Gwyl Gwydir to happen, complete with tipi tents, bunting and artwork.

ALBUM REVIEW – CAM 1 (various artists) – Peski Records

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cam1Over the past year, those pesky peskers at Peski Records have been broadcasting a specialist weekly radio show called ‘Cam o’r Tywyllwch’ (A Step From the Darkness) on Radio Cardiff and London’s art radio station, Resonance FM, which champions experimental, alternative and avant-garde music from Wales and placing it in its relevant context with music from other parts of the world. 

10″ EP Review – R.SEILIOG – Shuffles

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is/are an entity from Peniel. Now, I’d be really surprised if any of you knew where Peniel is, but let’s put it this way; you’re unlikely to see Judge Dredd tootle past on his megabike in pursuit of the Peniel Bootboys after they’ve just put Mrs Evans’ porch window through with a badly aimed football. Not even that kind of crime happens in this sleepy hamlet.

Festival No.6 – Portmeirion (Saturday 2013)

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They could’ve ploughed the campsite with a hundred tanks and I’d have slept through it. Having not allowed the evils of alcohol pass my lips since Rebellion Festival, I wiped out my tray of cider on the Friday night. So full refusal to pay the asking prices of beer on site, where the staff wear their ‘Happy To Rip You Off’ badges meant my mind was going to be clear for the remaining duration of this fine festival; well, once this Holy Mother of a Hangover moves on to the next victim.
Incidentally, Festival No.6 have yet to retweet or share one of my reviews… funny that…