InSession – Pulco

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Ash Cooke or Pulco or he once of Derrero has just about to release his thirteenth Pulco album ‘Farmyard & Library’ (on 29th July) on Recordiau Prin.
He was kind enough to venture from his Mynydd Llandegai hideout to play a live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM show.

You can now listen to the entire show including the Pulco session…

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New Release – PULCO – Undersea Session

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Bangor’s folktwit major, Pulco, renowned for his prolific amount of releases (far too many for this site to keep up with!), and under various guises and side-projects is back with a twee pre-cursor to his next album.
December 22nd sees this release recorded underwater in 2008, full of sweetness and light in the shape of the Undersea Sessions (complete with narratives), which is a specially recorded past, present and future greatest hits session (kind of) along with a new track Garden Of Earthly Delights.


New EP – PULCO – Apes

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Pulco Apes
Phew! Bloody hell Ash, Gulf Of Understanding should be played to all those moaners who complain about some idiot on I’m A Celeb or when Tesco run out of a special offer… It was a bit like a Flaming Lips moment when we all realised that everyone we know will someday die; although you did leave the knockout punch til the end… Credit to you…

ALBUM REVIEW – Pulco – Clay Cutlery

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One of my guilty traits is to push aside anything ‘the luvvies’ are raving about… I dunno why, it’s like a built in mechanism… everyone is ranting and raving about Stone Roses in 1989 and I pick up their album a year later. They’re all getting joyed about the formidable, I’ll latch on once the initial storm is subsiding. So when the boys at the front of class (the luvvies – in this instance Walton and that bloke from the Daily Post) are a-whooping and a-hollering about Pulco‘s new album, I’m at the back of class, picking my nose and flicking it at them and would normally listen to it later in the year.

ALBUM REVIEW – Various – Modular Pursuits (Tribute to Pulco)

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Pulco modularA tribute to Pulco – not that he’s dead or anything, he just smells a bit in this hot weather!!
A tribute album is when a host of artists get together and contribute a specially recorded track of one particular artist. A bit like a footballer gets a testimonial match as reward and recognition for a long service at his club, Pulco gets the honour for being around long enough to deserve it. Unlike the barrage of cheap cash-in albums that came out after the death of Joe Strummer, an album like this is, like I said, an honour; particularly when you see the pedigree of some of the artists on here.