ArtisFiction, BBR, Psycodeth, Maines @ The North, Rhyl

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The poster told us it started 7.30pm, so I stuck my head in just after 8pm to see promoter Steve Rastin stood on a stage void of equipment staring at a lone extension cable. ‘Some things never change!’ I thought and headed to Wethers for a cheap pint with Steve Sync.
By 9.30pm there was activity at The North… Three police officers were stood outside looking for someone who was on ‘Pub Watch’ (as in Banned from The Pubs) – it takes three cops to stop some chav from going into the pubs; if he’s that bad why not just lock him up, or beat him up? You are the law, you can do as you please…

Psycodeth, Merciless Savage, Beneath The Wake, Desecration, Sodomised Cadaver @ The North, Rhyl

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desecration rhyl 1

It was certainly an unexpected treat to get the South Walian death metal legends up in such an esteemed local environment as Rhyl, and the night continued to be full of surprises/chaos.  Fair play to Dirty Vultures Promotions for continuing to have the vision and balls in their bookings to bring them here on this short weekend tour, along with another couple of travelling bands.  Added to this was a couple of local acts, one of which was a bunch of part timers who had undoubtedly blagged their way on the bill due to playing with the headliners once before.

NEW EP – Psycodeth – Church of Misery

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Psycodeth EP
I first stumbled upon Psycodeth at The Railway Institute in Bangor earlier this year – they stopped us in our tracks [sic] – they were ace – criminally young to be making such a massive noise and they put a wide grin on our faces. How great to find a local band making a metal racket for a change… and I mean RACKET.

INTERVIEW – Psycodeth

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Psycodeth 2013-06-08_22.48.38
I saw Rhyl’s Psycodeth at the Railway Institute a couple of weeks ago and they literally stopped us in our tracks (excuse the pun!). Now, I was never one for Slayer and Metallica when they first started doing the rounds, only saw Metallica for the first time, when Tim dragged me to the MEN about three years ago, and after the second time (and a 3 hour set), I vowed never to see them again. And I only listened to Slayer for the first time a month ago when Cumi coaxed me into ‘giving them a try.’
Psycodeth struck something within me, beside the fact that they are criminally young (unless you worked in showbiz), they are the only band in North Wales playing this genre (as far as I know), and they are quite simply fucking excellent at what they do.

GIG REVIEW – Psycodeth, Atlas Will Atone, Braxton Hicks @ The Skerries, Bangor

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(review by mwj / pix by neil crud / vid by paul bryce)

I really should go out in Bangor more often, treated to homemade curries in advance, chauffered to venues, thoroughly entertained, in good company, then taxied back, with more curry and a bed for the night! The opportunity is definitely there as there is a steady supply of gigs at The Skerries for a while now care of North Wales Metal Promotions. It may be pretty small but that keeps it cosy and the sounds loud, and tonight there is a busier turnout than I’ve seen previously there too.