GIG REVIEW – Hung Like Hanratty, Vomit, Potential Victims @ Boulevard, Wigan

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Jeez, the Gene Pool wasn’t very kind to Wigan was it..? Ha ha… Scanning the venue as everyone got more and more (sa)lubricated it felt more like an open day at Rampton Hospital…!

FESTIVAL REVIEW – Rebellion, Winter Gardens, Blackpool (Saturday)

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(review n pix by neil crud)

To some, this Rebellion weekend is their one outing a year; reliving their youth, having a holiday and shame upon them really, as
1/ They need to scrape their fat arses off the settee and see a ‘new’ live band once in a while; not just crawl out of the woodwork, dye their hair specially and dust down the old leather jacket for the occasion.
2/ Bands need people to see them, they need exposure and
3/ You only have one life, LIVE IT…!