Interview – TOM CARROLL (Mighty Wah! / Plantfoot / Trestles / Silens)

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Let’s cut to the chase – you’re now one half of Wah! – How did that come about?

We met in the pub! It was January 2014 and our mutual friend’s birthday session. We got talking/ranting about music and found out that we love a lot of the same stuff and just generally got on really well. It got to about 1am and Pete asked if I played guitar, I said yes, and he called me up a couple of days later. I was made up, I’d always loved Pete’s music and I’d been to loads of his gigs, so it’s been an honour to play the songs with him.

ARCHIVE GIG – Plantfoot, Enigma Code, The Mephs @ Billys, Rhyl

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(review n pix by neil crud)
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Are they from Holyhead or Caernarfon? Well the drummer is from the top of the isle as he is none other than Portrait of A Lifetime‘s techno whizz kid DJ Nietzche. The Mephs (pic below), who thankfully shortened their name from Mephistophelean Engines of Pleasure are however worlds apart from the break beat punkdom that PoAL spit at you. Sync, Scouse and myself were debating whether Iron Maiden had once missed the ferry to Dublin and did an impromptu set at The Edinburgh in Holyhead and these misfits had chanced upon them. I guess this pisses on my bonfire if the band are actually from Caernarfon, but Holyhead is such a hub of rock’n’roll mayhem these days that I’ve heard that even Radiohead are dissing claims they’re an Oxford band and stating they’re born and bred Holyhead. The Coral? Scousers? Rubbish! Holyhead. U2 from Dublin? Bollocks, they’re from Holyhead (actually The Edge has family connections in Caernarfon – and Dawn French is from Holyhead, although not a member of U2).