Perfectly Flawed @ The Royal, Colwyn Bay

From the raucous to the sublime – it’s been a contrasting weekend. A punk rock onslaught on Friday night, that 24 hour sickness bug on Saturday & the elevation of Perfectly Flawed on this cold Sunday evening.

A two, occasionally 3 piece acoustic outfit making their début in unusual surroundings, ie. The Royal in Colwyn Bay; still, they got £80 for it, even if the landlord made them play an extra half an hour at the end.
As mentioned in my last review, bands are seeking out new venues to ply their trade & it’s important to do so, important to do these low key affairs for practice does make you perfect (even if you’re flawed). So a Sunday in the Royal is bordering on the bizarre; you have a large support of family & friends on one side (incl; local band Red Shift) & the regular dead heads on the other.More