Qui, Palehorse, Ghold, @ Islington Mill, Salford

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“Like giving birth to a child while killing the parents”.  Such was the typically poetic and apt summary from singer Nikolai of the news that dropped from on high like an Acme anvil that one of my favourite bands in Palehorse was calling it a day, while simultaneously releasing a final album.


A full ten years since I had first seen the two bass-ed expansive sludge behemoth in a village hall in the middle of nowhere, (review here) the Londonahs have delivered stunning, uncompromising live sets and dense, hypnotic releases to me throughout this time, and something among all the twisted wrongness was just right.  So I had to get my last dose, and even though I heard of this farewell tour with days to spare all came together to get me to sunny Salford.

Yorkshire Riffer Festival @ Eiger Studios, Leeds

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scordatura leeds

The exponential rise of the UK DIY festival continues at such a pace that we now have quality warm-up all-dayers linked to the already immense main events of the subsequent weekend.  With my own lunatic road tripping plans already sorted that include the Sunday of this years ‘Kin Hell Fest the prospect of this prelude was almost a peaceful party in comparison.  Yet, with realism, a 12 hour drinking session in the face of a trusted selection of prime local and UK underground extremity and a special US import headliner in Eagle Twin was inevitably going to lead to a messy fun time and do the perfect job in reducing/enhancing the stamina for self-destruction in the rest of the summer’s madness.