Out of The Ashes Festival (Sunday) @ Ellesmere Port

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Dunno what’s more tiring… Spending three days debaucherising at a festival or the three days it took to write this review..?
Lou Reed’s Sunday Morning lyrics rang in my head as I arose to a quiet campsite… It turns out I slept right through an all night onslaught of loud music coming from right next to my tent, leading to a barrage of complaints from everyone else who couldn’t sleep because of it… God help them if they went to Glastonbury… That said, those bad boys of rock n roll, Tim and Michael were rather sheepish all day today!

Out of The Ashes Festival (Friday) @ Ellesmere Port

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Once again, I sold my soul to rock’n’roll…
It was supposed to be a double festival weekend… I was all set to do Wakestock on Friday and Out of The Ashes from Saturday afternoon onwards, but the God of Logistics set me down on the wrong side of the world on Friday afternoon and there was simply no way I was travelling the length of the westbound A55 on a glorious weekend (anyone who’s tried it will know exactly what I mean).
So with Out Of The Ashes Festival in Ellesmere Port already in full swing and being a mere hop, skip and a jump from where I was, it would be rude not to participate.