GIG REVIEW – Mowhawk Radio, The Origin @ Rascals, Bangor

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(review n pix by neil crud)
SPOILER ALERT: Both bands are gonna get ripped to shreds in this review…

So why review them? Read on…
Being on a whim and a prayer, I knew beforehand that I was only gonna catch half of tonight’s 4 bands so apologies to Beyond The State and Luminova, who played after.

GUEST BLOG – Dan Read – The Road To Out Of The Ashes – Halfway and Loving it

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Running a battle of the bands never really interested me. In fact I’ve been very critical in the past of recent local battle of the band competitions. When they become basically a popularity contest I don’t really see the point in them. Just let the band with the most fans win and be done with it.


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(review n pix by dan read)

So the day I was dreading had arrived. The last live music event at Brookers Rock Bar in Hoole, Chester. Not just that though, it was the last day the venue was to trade. Once those doors closed that was it….forever!

The fact I had 12 bands playing throughout the day meant there was no time to look on the negatives of the day. I was going to be busy….very busy!

As doors opened we already had people waiting to come into the venue. More I think for the nostalgia of it being the venue’s final day, but to behonest as long as there were people in early on watching the bands things were all good.