New Single – ORIENT MACHINE – Amity

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Out today…

Available via Bandcamp for £1.00

Orient Machine, Castles @ The Skerries, Bangor

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It’s on… No it’s not… Yes it is…
This gig was originally scheduled for Y Llangollen in Bethesda – but with the pub / venue closing (then re-opening), and the gig being pulled at short notice, before being rearranged at even shorter notice (in like a few hours), it was always going to be an intimate affair.

Focus Wales – Wrexham (Wednesday)

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I wandered around the empty streets at 6pm on this Wednesday afternoon. All the shops are closed and the hundreds of death-by-kebab houses prepare for an evening of trade and tirade. The silence is broken by an endless charade of dumb boy racers with their loud exhausts, forever circling the town looking for prey to show off to.

Orient Machine, Secretaire @ The Commercial, Wrexham

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Orient Machine1
It was so loud tonight that my spleen felt like it was being pulverised, and I cursed myself for leaving my ear plugs at home (…who said that..?!)
Wrexham is where it’s all happening at the moment, a bustling scene run by like-minded people with one common interest at heart – LIVE MUSIC.
Central Station is, and has been for many years a great venue for the touring, slightly under / slightly over the NME radar bands. Saith Seren keeps on keeping on, and we have The Commercial; a back alley pub with a licence to print music… Ace! And, as I said, it’s down to a group of people (who gather together to put on the excellent Focus Wales Festival in April) who are strong willed and make things happen.

GIG REVIEW – Orient Machine @ NorthxNorth Wales, Bangor

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(review n pix neil crud)

This is probably the last North x North Wales in this capacity at least, as Kyle and Meg leave these beautiful Menai shores to venture capitol themselves in the sunlit gardens of Liverpool. So maybe a North x North Wales in Scouse City is a prospective all dayer in the not too distant future? In fact it should be compulsory, pulling the cream of North Wales across the Mersey (by ferry of course) to show the red and the blue how we do it…