Bloodstock 2015 @ Catton Hall, Derbyshire

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If I thought my arrangements for last year’s visit to this, the peak of independent UK metal festivals, were a bit last minute and random, I upped my game in the chaos stakes this year. From not going at all, to having my other clashing commitments taken off my hands, to considering a day ticket on the Saturday, to running some stuck friends down on the Thursday and being gutted to come back from the gathering atmosphere of excited anticipation, to hearing on Friday that there were nefarious ways and means to get me in, to getting a bit carried away with solidarity drinking at home on the Friday meaning I was late to set off first thing the Saturday, to… Bloodstock.

‘Kin Hell Fest 2014 (Sunday) @ Vox, Leeds

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palm reader

The epic trekking continues, so I leave Wessex to head up to the West Ridings.  It’s like some Game of Drones, especially with the all the beards.   Fortified by our B&B breakfast I return my friends to Merseyside and head over to Leeds.  Abandoning my car in Armley (don’t think anyone noticed the difference) where I was due to stay, I got the bus into town then walked (largely relying on instinct and my geography A-level) back out to the venue I’d already attended for the warm up last week.